Why you should care about pre-existing conditions and the GOP Vote

What options does someone have if they can’t afford health insurance premiums or health care services?  What did people do prior to ACA being passed?

  • People went without health care
  • Used emergency rooms passing costs on to the hospital, and ultimately everyone else through inflated costs
  • Took sick days off work, lost productivity

Pre-existing conditions are a big deal for all Americans, whether you have one or not.  I’m sure there’s someone you know at work, in your neighborhood or in your family with a pre-existing condition.

If passed today, the GOP’s bill would negatively impact 27% of Americans (at least), and then some because of under funding or an inability to pay for insurance and health care costs.  Creating high-risk pools is a no-win situation.

Stay informed. Consumer Reports outlines what the GOP vote means to each of us.


About 27 percent of Americans have pre-existing conditions, according to Kaiser Family Foundation, a non-profit, non-partisan health policy research organization. If most states apply for waivers, that won’t be enough money to cover all the people who will need financial assistance, says Larry Levitt a senior vice president at Kaiser.

According to a new report by Avalere Health, 2.2 million enrollees in the individual market have pre-existing conditions. Only 660,000 people would be covered by the money allocated by the AHCA.


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