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Health Insurance Literacy Seminars – Educational sessions delivered virtually or in-person designed to familiarize the audience on the landscape of employer-based health insurance plans. William helps people understand health insurance in plain language and offers practical strategies people can put into action immediately to choose a health plan, navigate tools & resources, manage claim questions, and be more health insurance literate. Presentations can be modified to deliver meaningful content for targeted audiences (recent college graduates entering workforce, small group employers, non-profit organizations, associations and others who may not have easy access to personalized training).

Bulk Book Discounts – Purchases of large quantities of the book may receive discounts off the retail book price. Fulfillment services available. Discounts available when speaking engagements or educational sessions are offered.

Podcast Guest – Interactive, thoughtful discussion on topics related to health insurance industry, health plans and the challenges people face navigating the health insurance playing field. William shares his knowledge and experience simplifying the health insurance landscape offering insight that people can use immediately to help achieve healthy outcomes. William Pokluda Podcast Media Sheet

Podcast Guest Spot Sample

Click HERE to listen to my interview with Healthcare Americana (#HealthcareAmericana) hosted by Freedom Healthworks CEO & Co founder, Christopher Habig. Health insurance is not taught in school and an estimated 61% of people are choosing the wrong health plan for their needs. I bring to light why people generally do not understand health insurance. As tools and resources are made available to people, but the system itself seems stacked against them, Chris and I dive into not only the cause, but solutions as well.

Click Here to listen to my interview on the Writer’s Tribe Talk Show hosted by Elsa Kurt.

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